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Amish Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds

12x20 cape cottage storage shed

Backyard Billys is where to buy your next storage Amish shed.  We have a great selection of stock sheds for sale in Grasonville Maryland. Each new shed can be customized to your unique specifications. If you need more windows, extra doors, a different shutter color, flower boxes, or a weather vane it is up to you. Additional partitions shelves and lofts enable you to make best use of your structure, so it can double as an office, workshop, man cave or she shed.  We will build your shed just the way you want it and deliver it to your prepared site, ready to use.

Buildings Come Standard With...

* Pressure treated 4x4 skids for ground-ready placement
* Floor Joists: 2x4  16" on center. (or optional 12" OC / pressure treated)
* Flooring: 5/8 exterior grade (or optional pressure treated)
* Sidewall Studs: 2x4 perpendicular to wall, 16" on center
* 1 Double Door
* 2 Windows with Shutters
* 2 Gable Vents
* Architectural Shingles
* Your color choice in  Vinyl or Paint - Trim -  Shutters - Shingles - Door

*Free delivery and set up on your prepared site (or build on site for large / difficult projects

Additional Building Options

*Metal Roofs
*Garage Doors
*Reverse Gable
* Second Floor / 2 Story
*House Doors with or without windows
*Transom Windows
*Many Siding Options
100% Made in the USA

Free Delivery and setup included within a 60 mile radius

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  • BackyardBillys-Amish-Shed-T1-11-Cottage-Grasonville-Maryland
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  • BackyardBillys-Dutch Barn shed
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  • New England Cape
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