Dog Kennels & Chicken Coops

Shelter for Your Pets

Chicken Coops Dog Kennels Dog HousesAt  Backyard Billy's  we have the housing solution for your pets and animals, Amish crafted from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From large to small, our structures will keep you animal friends safe and cozy in their own little retreat. Call the store for more details.

Chicken coops chicks house

Chicken Coop

A selection of styles and sizes, from large stationary buildings to smaller wheeled units, we have the perfect coop for your flock!  Housing for up to 100 chickens, or smaller family or hobby sized coops.

Dog Kennel Pet Houses

Dog Kennels

From single dog to 8 room boarding kennels, these structures offer insulated boxes with fenced runs. Some even have incorporated storage areas or feed rooms. Electric options such as heat and A/C, as well.

Rabbits Houses Hutches

Rabbit Hutches

A quality shelter for bunny! Available in single or double occupancy, featuring front and rear doors and vinyl coated wire to be softer on your rabbit's feet. Call the store for more details.