Poly Casual Furniture

Long Lasting Deck, Porch and Patio Furniture

Outdoor Poly Chaise Lounge

Maintenance free HDPE (or high density poly ethylene) poly furniture is the best solution in the harshest environments.  Here in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC areas we are prone to saltwater, windy, and often brutal landscapes. Poly furniture is heavy, hearty, and impervious to rot, insects, or UV damage. All fasteners and hardware are of stainless steel, and in most cases the higher standard 316 stainless steel. Poly also offers an extended warranty over comparable items in other categories due to its robust nature. In addition to this, poly is formed from recycled plastics from residential use such as milk and laundry detergent containers, etc.  Use the links below to explore our vendors and their offerings.