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Hearth America at Backyard Billy's

We have everything you need to keep warm this season.

Stove season is upon us and we are ready to keep you and your family and friends cozy all season.  We specialize in top quality brands and knowledgeable staff to ensure your satisfaction with our products.  Be sure to visit our store's showroom to see and try a variety of inserts, fireplaces, and freestanding stoves, as well as all of your maintenance needs. 

Fireplaces Wood & Gas Inserts Pellet Stoves

Wood Stoves & Inserts

The most reliable fuel source, wood burning appliances do not rely on electricity to operate efficiently, and put out the most BTUs. Modern units are inexpensive and boast incredible burn times. Use the links below to see offerings from our vendors.

Regency   -   Morso  -  HHT  -  Osburn

Gas Fireplaces & Stoves


Hearth ambience at the convenience of a remote or thermostat. No splitting logs or hoping the hardware store has pellets! Customization is also key here, selecting your own faceplate options and profiles. Most styles will be direct vent for healthier living

Regency   -   Enviro   -   HHT

Free Standing Pellet Stove & Inserts

The best of both worlds. Heating power of burning a solid fuel without the labor of a wood stove. Operation is simple, from push button starting (or even by thermostat) to the ease of loading. Venting is usually available in multiple configurations for ease of install.

  -   Enviro   -   Osburn   -   Piazetta

Dimplex Electric Stoves

When you are looking for a warm glow of a fire and are limited to venting possibilities, electric fireplaces may be for you. Beautiful and realistic fire styles created, and most have a built in electric heaters to warm the room. Ideal for rentals or non-permanent installs.


Gas Logs

Gas Logs

If you are stressed by chopping and hauling wood, and would like to exchange for the ease of a remote control, install a realistic looking gas log set. You have several choices of burner size and log styles, as well as choices of remote  and valve operation.

Peterson  -  HHT

Stove pipe Hearth Venting

We stock most venting configurations by Simpson Dura-Vent, an industry preferred brand, for wood, direct vent gas, and pellet appliances. Other gaskets, sealants, and hearth care / cleaning products also available and in stock.

Simpson Dura-Vent

Morso Wood Stove 5600

Hearth Cleaning and Repair Services

Have an issue with your wood, gas, or pellet appliance? Be sure to contact us for a visit from our in house technician. We also offer annual cleaning and inspections to keep your appliance in top shape.

Regency Pellet Stoves Although rarely needed for our quality stoves, we are sure to carry brands with replacement parts available, with a short turn around time. Some of the more common parts we may even have in stock.