Outdoor Garden Decor

Classic Accents for Your Yard and Landscaping

Outdoor Garden Decor

Modern, artistic marble from Asia, or a dutch windmill to cover your well, we have the appropriate decor for your landscape or garden. Please call the store for any request.

Light Houses Multiple Styles & Colors

Wood, poly, and hybrid (wood with poly base and top). Also other nautical accents.

Wind Mills

Available in multiple sizes, poly and pressure treated wood.

Whishing Wells

A frame and octagon styles in multiple sizes. Perfect way to hide well pipes or add planters.

Bridges of all sizes Wood & Vinyl

From 4 to 40 feet, or more. Many styles to choose from, wood and vinyl clad.

Marble Outdoor Art

Fun, artistic wall hangings with beach inspired themes. Come see us for our current selection.

Marble Statues

See our showroom for selections on Vietnamese marble artwork.

Planter and Bench

Available in pressure treated pine, or even maintenance free poly or resin.

Bird Houses

Numerous styles and colors, wood or poly. Invite nature to share your backyard.

Bird Feeders

Again, various styles and colors in wood or poly. Come see us for current selections!

Trans-Ocean was the first company to offer "Indoor/Outdoor" rugs and there collections continue to expand.  Today they offer a wide selection of both hand-crafted and machine-loomed rugs from around the world to meet the varied demand for this popular category.

Protect your investment. We offer covers for clean fitment and peace of mind. Helps with keeping your furniture clean as well as huddled against the elements. Soft felt interior lining will not scratch finishes.

 Make your backyard oasis the envy of all with our landscaping accents.  Bridges from 3' decorative to 30' functional always fit your project. We have Arbors and matching fencing available in several styles, as well as planters and planter benches for your vegetation.