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Backyard Billy's Poly Furniture may very well be the last Patio Furniture you will ever have to buy!

Period!  No fine print!  It is fade resistant (the color is the same color throughout the lumber), and it won't ever crack, peel, splinter or rot, ever!  It stands up to any kind of weather from blizzards, to high winds and blazing sun.  Simply put, Poly is virtually indestructible. 

Why buy lightweight plastic furniture that will blow in the breeze, powder/ chalk and crack after only a few years of use (and have to be replaced) when you can buy virtually indestructible Poly patio furniture in your favorite colors that could very well last the rest of your life.

100% Made in the U.S.A

Poly Wood Furniture Colors

Mortis & Tenon Joinery

Mortis and tenon joints have been long respected in the fine furniture industry.
The tradition continues in Finch Furniture.

Aluminum Frame

Unique floating frame design allows for normal expansion and contraction needed for poly lumber.

Profile Edges

All faces edges are smoothly profiled for comfort and tasteful appearance.

Minimal Face Screws

All seating surfaces are free of unsightly and uncomfortable screw heads. 95% of screw heads are hidden on the underside or back of the piece.

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